Reforming the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance ~ A Conversation with Shelley Wagers

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Reforming the
Baseline Mansionization Ordinance

A Conversation with Shelley Wagers

The rapid spread of mansionization has overwhelmed neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles. The Baseline Mansionization Ordinance [BMO] enacted in 2008 was supposed to stop McMansions, but the loop-hole riddled legislation has proven to be completely ineffective.

The Miracle Mile is currently in the process of creating an Historic Preservation Overlay Zone [HPOZ]. The principle purpose of the HPOZ is to preserve the historic character and scale of our neighborhood, but the failure of the BMO to thwart super-sized homes also played a critical role in deciding to pursue the iron-clad protections afforded by an HPOZ: it the only guaranteed way of stopping mansionization in the Miracle Mile.

Although the MMRA believes that an HPOZ is the best solution for the Miracle Mile, we fully support reforming the BMO for the benefit of the City at large. One of the leaders spearheading the effort to to fix the BMO is Shelley Wagers, a long-time community activist and resident of the Beverly Grove – a neighborhood that was ground zero for mansionization.

In this interview Shelley provides a history of the original BMO; why it hasn’t worked; and what is being done now to repair the ordinance. She also talks about the long and bitter struggle to create the Beverly Grove Reduced Floor Area Overlay Zone. Shelley is a keenly intelligent and articulate person. She has a knack for making complex issues understandable – she is also very good company.

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For additional information:

City of Los Angeles: Baseline Mansionization Ordinance – 2008

City of Los Angeles: Koretz BMO Amendment Motion – 2014

CityWatchLA: A Fact Check on L.A. Mansionization

Sign the petition to stop mansionization at:

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1 Response to Reforming the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance ~ A Conversation with Shelley Wagers

  1. citywatching says:

    Stop the state legislators from usurping local control from local communities for infill development and density bonus developments.

    State Senator Ben Allen in the Senate Transportation and Housing committee voted yes on AB 744 to amend the density bonus law that would prevent cities and counties from requiring developers to provide sufficient parking for density bonus projects. Apparently, Senator Allen agrees with the new amendments that the developer and the market and the state legislature should determine the number of parking spaces required because the state knows better than the local communities.

    The League of California Cities opposes AB 744 on their website. LA County opposes AB 744.
    Other cities oppose AB 744.

    Assemblymember Chau introduced AB 744 and has pushed hard to to get it approved at each committee and on the floor of the Assembly. One of the changes Assembymember ChaU made to AB 744 was to throw a little herring to the cities with a section that would let them contest but not necessarily to override the reduced parking because the city cannot required more parking than stated in the AB 744.

    AB 744 goes to the Appropriations Committee Aug. 17. If the Senators pass the bill, it goes to a floor vote of the Senate very quickly.
    Assemblyman Chau could withdraw AB 744 if he receives enough opposition letters by fax.
    Senator Allen could also change his vote to No on the Senate floor if he also receives opposition letters by fax.

    Also contact your Assembly representative. .
    Here is the website for the bill AB 744.

    Don’t let the developers control our communities!
    Ask our state representatives why they think they should decide what happens in our communities and not the residents.

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