Miracle Mile Spotlight: Olympia Medical Center Rehabilitation Services

From the August 2015 MMRA Newsletter:

Miracle Mile Spotlight:

Olympia Medical Center

Rehabilitation Services

The definition of rehabilitation is to restore to good health or useful life. But the definition is far simpler than its execution. A person recovering from a stroke, joint replacement, or other illnesses or surgeries may need a variety of therapies: inpatient, outpatient, physical, occupational, and speech.

It is Avi Amit’s job to see that people get the help they need to get back to the business of daily life. Avi manages the rehabilitation services for Olympia Medical Center at its newly remodeled location on the fourth floor at 5901 West Olympic Boulevard. This well-equipped facility, which offers dramatic views to the south, is where Avi and his team of therapists demonstrate their positive and compassionate attitudes for their work. It is obvious that they are deeply invested in achieving the best possible outcomes for their patients.

“It’s about an individualized plan for all our clients,” said Avi. “It all depends on the condition of the patient. We want to bring them back to as close to the same level as they were before. Making them as independent and mobile as possible is our goal. We need to get you back even if there are certain restrictions. We can’t ignore that you’ve had surgery or a serious injury, and different people need different amounts of time to recover.”

This is where the variety of services they provide comes into play. An orthopedic procedure calls for physical therapy to restore a sense of balance and range of motion; a stroke or neurological incident might require speech therapy; some patients need to relearn functional activities like bathing, dressing themselves, or preparing a meal; and others will need a combination of all of these tools. This comprehensive approach requires a highly skilled team. The open design of the clinic allows easy interface between all of the specialists, yet provides privacy when needed for speech or certain physical therapies.

Monica Becerra, Physical Therapist Assistant, and Avi Amit.

“We cater to older patients from here in the neighborhood,” Avi explains. “But we would like to promote our orthopedic and recreational sports injury program. That’s why we have this new facility and why we’ve added more exercise equipment. I’ll be honest with you, we have Cedars-Sinai nearby with all of their programs and there is a temptation to go to a bigger hospital because you assume they have better service – but once a patient comes here, they always come back to our clinic. And that’s what we want to be: the neighborhood outpatient rehabilitation clinic.”

Their location and free parking is very attractive to residents of the Miracle Mile. For patients living within a ten mile radius they provide free transportation to-and-from the clinic – a valuable service for patients with conditions that prevent them from driving.

“I go to events in the community,” Avi said. “I want everyone to know that we are here for the community. Whatever we can do, however we can help, we will do it.”

The philosophy of Avi Amit and the staff at the Olympia Medical Center Rehabilitation Center can also be easily defined: They really care.

Olympia Medical Center Rehabilitation Services
5901 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 407
Office: 323-932-5086

Avi Amit, manager: 323-932-5086


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