The Miracle Mile Neighborhood Watch program supports strengthening our neighborhood to reduce crime. Our motto is “Changing How We Neighbor to Deter Crime & Build Community”.

We are a cooperative program between our Miracle Mile residents, private patrol, and the Los Angeles Police Department.  Our LAPD Senior Lead Officer works closely with our Neighborhood Watch coordinator who is in contact with all block captains.  Each block has a Block Captain to connect the neighbors on that block who are trained on the 3-Step Neighborhood Watch plan. We have seen significant success in the blocks that are organized and trained in Neighborhood Watch. More eyes on the street, awareness of activity on the block, and immediate communication via group texting to share urgent messages. Blocks notice a decrease in crime and faster response times when they work together.

The following list provides you with pertinent information to become resilient with our Neighborhood Watch Plan


POLICE EMERGENCY    911 for an emergency, crime in progress, fire, a threat to life/limb/property or TEXT 911

POLICE NON-EMERGENCY   1-877-ASK-LAPD for non-emergency, report of suspicious behavior

MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS HOTLINE   If you or someone you know is in crisis, call 988.

POLICE CRIME STOPPERS    1-800-222-8477 anonymous tip line

PRIVATE PATROL    (put your patrol company # here)_________________

FIRE DEPARTMENT LAFD  (call 911 for fire/emergency)      

Station 61 @ 3rd St. 213-485-6261

Station 68 @ Washington St.  213-485-6268

BLOCK CAPTAIN   (put your block captain’s # here)_________________

NOTIFY YOUR NEIGHBORS  via block text alert app, alert, and/or email your block

Always Call LAPD First

Then Call Your Private Patrol Company

See Something – Say Something

When in Doubt – Call it in

 LAPD Wilshire Division Station

Front Desk Open 7am – 11pm (closed during COVID, please call)

4861 Venice Boulevard Los Angeles CA 90019

Front Desk  213-473-0476 (dial 911 for emergency)

Wilshire Division Community Relations  213-473-0200

Miracle Mile Neighborhood Watch

Changing How We Neighbor to Deter Crime & Build Community