Private Patrol

Private Patrol augments public safety and neighborhood watch. It is one more layer of protection for you and your home. For emergencies, call LAPD first then call your private patrol. 

Call 911 for an emergency, crime in progress, fire, or a threat to life/limb/property or TEXT 911

ADT Patrol/Escort/Emergency   310-829-7981
ADT Miracle Mile Representative   Joe Gaynor 310-733-7732  email:

Options for your security:

  • Alarm System
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Patrol Service (24/7 armed response to calls and alarms)
  • Dedicated Patrol for the entire Miracle Mile Neighborhood (we will qualify with 14 more subscribers to patrol service)

The Miracle Mile Residential Association is supporting an effort to create a dedicated private security patrol in our neighborhood using ADT Patrol Services. The area of coverage for the patrol car would extend throughout the Miracle Mile – from Wilshire to San Vicente and Fairfax to La Brea.

At present, there are several private security companies servicing Miracle Mile, including ADT. However, the response by a patrol car is limited to only those who specifically subscribe to a patrol service. It does not provide an immediate response to the client or provide the constant patrolling of our streets that we would collectively benefit from if we had a dedicated patrol car in the neighborhood.

In fact, without dedicated patrol, the security company cars only drive down the street of subscribed clients and a few adjacent streets on a random schedule – and usually only once a day. Then the security car exits Miracle Mile to patrol the other neighborhoods.

If an additional 13 Miracle Mile residents subscribed (as of 02/2022) for the ADT Private Patrol service, we would qualify for a dedicated 8-hour car to patrol our neighborhood. This would greatly enhance the security of the entire community.

A dedicated security patrol is a critical part of our Miracle Mile Neighborhood Watch program and is supported by LAPD. The purpose of the ADT private patrol is not to replace LAPD, but to augment our public safety response.

Our Miracle Mile ADT representative is Joe Gaynor at 310-733-7732 email:

What does a Dedicated Patrol with ADT offer the Miracle Mile?

It will provide us with a dedicated ADT patrol car patrolling the Miracle Mile neighborhood for either 8 hours, 16 hours, or 24 hours per day – depending on how many customers subscribe to ADT Private Patrol.

To qualify for a dedicated ADT patrol for a daily 8-hour shift we will need approximately 65 more Miracle Mile renters or homeowners to sign up for ADT Private Patrol. 

Renters or property owners who subscribe to ADT Private Patrol for $62 per month will receive:

  • Faster response to alarm and service calls due to ADT’s presence in the neighborhood.
  • Around-the-clock armed response to a crime in progress and/or suspicious activity noted in the neighborhood for ADT clients.
  • Alarm Response: They respond to your burglar alarm, in most cases faster than LAPD can and, in addition, avoid a $357 first-time false alarm call by the police.
  • Vacation Watch: ADT patrol will pick up mail and packages while you are away on vacation.
  • Escort Service: ADT patrol will escort you to your home if you feel threatened or followed.
  • Doorbell Camera Response: ADT patrol will respond to any suspicious activity you report, even if you are not home.
  • Via the ADT GO app, you are protected at home and when you are on the go.
  • ADT patrols the entire area within the Miracle Mile boundary continuously and remains within our neighborhood boundaries during the entire time of the shift.
  • A dedicated patrol demonstrates vigilance, deters criminal activity, and improves the identification and detection of suspicious activities.

Do you need an alarm system?

ADT Professional Security Alarm monitoring is also available. Enroll now with ADT and receive two free months of Patrol Services. Our Miracle Mile ADT representative is Joe Gaynor 310-733-7732 email:

Already have an alarm system with another company? ADT Security can monitor most existing alarms, install new or upgrade outdated systems, as well as install a variety of security cameras.  ADT Patrol will also respond to third-party alarms. However, you can expect faster response times and improved alarm service when you switch to ADT local alarm monitoring.

Miracle Mile will benefit from a network of security protection for our wonderful neighborhood using all three areas of public safety – an active Neighborhood Watch Program, LAPD, and ADT Private Dedicated Patrol for Miracle Mile.

Thank you for considering using ADT as your patrol service and helping us reach a dedicated car for Miracle Mile.

Kari Garcia

Miracle Mile Neighborhood Watch Coordinator /

The Miracle Mile Residential Association does not receive or accept compensation from any company providing services to the community. The MMRA’s supports this effort only for the reasons stated above: To take full advantage of ADT’s offer to provide a dedicated patrol service if enough residents subscribe to their service