Earthquake and Disaster Preparedness

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No one knows when disaster will strike. Miracle Mile Residential Association encourages residents to be prepared – whether the emergency is as simple as a power outage, or as serious as a major earthquake.

Residents are advised to prepare to be without basic services – water, gas, electricity, phone service – for up to 72 hours, as emergency resources may be overwhelmed in the event of a large-scale emergency. By gathering basic supplies and developing basic emergency preparedness skills, residents can allow for emergency services to be used by those who need it most.

It is easy to prepare when you understand the basics of preparing, responding, and recovering from emergencies. Miracle Mile will be resilient when neighbors work together in responding to and recovering from emergencies. All 55 blocks of our Miracle Mile neighborhood are asked to participate. Block by block we form a network of preparedness which will make us resilient. Join us and start to prepare today!

There are three parts to your preparedness. All can be completed using the Earthquake Preparedness for Miracle Mile Infographic with live links to all resources!

  • PERSONAL PREP – home/car/work
  • BLOCK PREP– RYLAN “Ready Your LA Neighborhood” and learn how to respond to the first ‘golden’ hour after a quake. We ask each block in Miracle Mile complete this training
  • NEIGHBORHOOD PREP – CERT “Community Emergency Response Team” training – learn disaster response skills that you will apply to your block and neighborhood after a disaster. Includes vital radio communication training for when communication blackout occurs (two-way radios will be all we have). We ask at least two neighbors per block to complete C.E.R.T. training

Q: “Ok, I get it….so where do I start?” 

A:  Start below to download Earthquake Preparedness for Miracle Mile

Earthquake Preparedness for Miracle Mile

The Only Resource You Need! 

 Click here for a full-size downloadable pdf with live links to get started on preparing today!

Click here or on the image above for a full-size downloadable pdf with live links to get started on preparing today!

 Click here for more info on RYLAN “Ready Your LA Neighborhood”


*Remember – once you turn off your gas, do not turn it back on. Only the gas company is to turn your gas back on.

**Note that how to turn off your gas meter is taught at your RYLAN block meeting. Click here to schedule your 90-minute meeting with RYLAN coordinator Jackie Koci Tomayo


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