Fire Safety

Call 911 for an emergency, crime in progress, fire, a threat to life/limb/property or TEXT 911

Los Angeles Fire Department Stations for the Miracle Mile Area:

Station 61

5821 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90036 CA    213-485-6261

Station 68

5023 Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90040 CA    213-485-6268 

TO FIND YOUR FIRE DEPARTMENT: Call 213-485-6268 or Click here

The Los Angeles Fire Department encourages you to be prepared in the event of a fire. If you are living near a current fire situation, be vigilant and keep your TV or radio on. Make certain you have your family critical papers, phone data, pets, and other valuables ready to evacuate if so directed.

Ready, Set, Go is an important program designed to help you and your family stay safe. Here is the latest on how you can be prepared. Click here for Ready Set Go instructions.


How to turn off your utilities, gas first, then water and last power

*Remember – once you turn off your gas, do not turn it back on. Only the gas company is to turn your gas back on.

**Note that how to turn off your gas meter is taught at your RYLAN block meeting. Click here to schedule your 90-minute meeting with RYLAN coordinator Jackie Koci Tomayo

“Get supplies, make a plan, organize your block”

Miracle Mile Safety Committee