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April 15, 2021

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Use our city website for bulky item pick up, abandoned cars, graffiti removal etc:  MYLA311 app or

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Neighborhood Watch information

Earthquake Preparedness

LAPD Officer Anna Schube   (213) 793-0782

LAPD Officer Hebel Rodriguez   (213) 793-0715

Council District 4: Council Member Nithya Raman, Field Deputy Tabitha Yelos (310) 571-5583

Council District 10: Council Member Mark Ridley Thomas, Field Deputy Maya Guevara  (323) 733-7514 


LAPD Captain Paulson’s April 9th and article on homelessness

Pan Pacific park will allow unsheltered encampment until May 31st (extended last March 31st deadline)

Cameras are in Pan Pacific Park and LAPD patrols around area but cannot drive thru the park anymore

Care teams down to 1 day from 5 days a week

COVID and “Safer Cities” have changed how LAPD responds to encampments and homeless. LAPD is limited in what they can respond to: restrictions lifted on size of encampment, vehicle dwelling, rv’s parking on streets, tents can be up 24/7 (removed the ‘up at 9pm down at 6am’)

It is not illegal to live on the street

Encampments cannot block free passage on sidewalk (36”) ADA requirements.

Tent or bulky item cannot doorway, gate or driveway (see below)

Some encampments now require LAPD to have search warrant since they are domiciles

Call LAPD if crime/crime in progress associated with encampment or violating public space

Officers can and will respond to gain the individual’s cooperation to re-locate to a position leaving the required sidewalk passageway or doorway/driveway free of obstruction

In regards to private property, the health crisis and City’s posture on enforcement has not changed in any way. This is because your private property is just that – yours. You can choose to allow, or not allow parties on your property as you see fit. Should someone attempt to establish an encampment on a private parking lot, curtilage, etc, you have the authority to require them to leave.

The answer to the primary question my officers frequently encounter from the public is, no – we cannot simply “move” or “get rid of” a homeless encampment that is erected on a public sidewalks, alley or greenbelt, except under those circumstances where they are clearly blocking passage – as in not allowing minimal passage.

When officers are made aware of non-law enforcement related complaints stemming from an encampment, they will make the appropriate notifications via the City’s 3-1-1 request for services and the engagement of those agencies who hold responsibility for such issues. We encourage you to do the same and to make your local elected officials aware of your concerns so they may assist you in gaining the services of those other public agencies.

You can use to get resources to person experiencing homelessness

Call, use website or use app for illegal dumping of bulky items



•          Call 911 for an emergency, mental or health emergency, crime in progress or danger to life/limb

•          Call LAPD 1-877-ASK-LAPD for urgent, non-emergency calls

•          Get resources to a person experiencing homelessness use the website or app to request an outreach team to be dispatched

•          Report an encampment use app or website

•          Notify your block captain and/or Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

•          Work with your LAPD Senior Lead Officer regarding homelessness and find solutions for your neighborhood Wilshire Division Community Police Station 1 (213) 473-0200

•          Work with your city council member

Council District 4: Council Member Nithya Raman, Field Deputy Tabitha Yelos (310) 571-5583

Council District 10: Council Member Mark Ridley Thomas, Field Deputy Maya Guevara  (323) 733-7514