Block Captains

Block captains are the most vital part of our neighborhood as they connect neighbors and thereby foster community, establish communication, and improve the quality of life for all who participate.

The role of the block captain is simply to maintain a block roster and help facilitate effective communication via email and group texts.  Our Neighborhood Watch program and disaster preparedness plan cannot exist without the coordination of a captain for your block.

We have over 30 block captains in Miracle Mile. See the resources below to find your block captain.

List of Miracle Mile Block captains 2022– email

Calling all neighbors! If your block does not have a captain – be one!


How to organize your block (during COVID-19) – click here

     Sample Letter to Neighbors on Your Block – click here

     Sample Block Flyer Invite – click here

     Sample Block Questionnaire – click here

     Sample Block Group Text Invite – click here

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