Miracle Mile Neighborhood Watch

Miracle Mile Crime Watch Update and Holiday Security Tips

from Kari Garcia and Kelly Perkins, MMRA Safety Committee

Ring Security Camera and Floodlights.

With the holidays in full swing it’s even more important to protect yourself and your property.  Here are some simple tips to help:

Leave lights on, inside and out: Did you know that you are significantly less likely to be a victim of crime if you leave lights on? Consider adding automatic dusk sensing LED light bulbs to existing fixtures or adding new fixtures in dark areas of your property. Inside, add timers to a few lamps around the home to make it appear that you are home. Check out the links below for affordable solutions:

Automatic Dusk-to-Dawn LED light bulbs
 Solar Motion Sensors
Lamp Timers
Ring Security Camera and Floodlight
Honeywell Outdoor Light Timer

 Protect your property when you’re gone: 

Be sure to set your alarm if you have one. If you are using private patrol, schedule a vacation watch to have your patrol company stop by and check on the property daily.

Lock all doors and windows of the house, garage and vehicles. Do NOT leave valuables in view.

Let your neighbors/block captain know you’re leaving and be sure someone has your current contact information.

Ask for help picking up all mail/deliveries. Letting these things pile up is a clear sign that you’re not home and puts you at risk for theft!

Leave lights on (see above).

Watch out for yourself: 

Stay alert in dark places such as stairwells, parking garages and streets. Put your phone away and keep your head up.

Go out in pairs after dark, if possible.

Listen to your gut; if something doesn’t feel right, leave the scene immediately as ask for help from a security guard, store personnel or the police.

If you feel threatened or witness a crime in progress, call 911 immediately, then private patrol

Use your private patrol to escort you to and from your vehicle if you are arriving home late and feel uncomfortable.

Report all suspicious behavior to your neighborhood block captain, private patrol, Next Door and the LAPD. Use 1-877-ASK-LAPD or see this link for more options. 

Many of you have heard about the MMRA’s newly established safety committee and efforts to launch a new Neighborhood Watch program. Here’s a look at a few of the questions we’ve been getting.  Please contact us if you have any additional suggestions, questions or want to get involved.

Neighborhood Watch Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the Miracle Mile Neighborhood Watch program? 

The Neighborhood Watch program is an effort to unite all residents of Miracle Mile against crime. We aim to help people better detect, deter, report and reduce crime in our area by encouraging better communication amongst neighbors, providing information on how to secure your property and immediately improving safety in our neighborhood by partnering with the LAPD, city council and private patrol.

What does a block captain have to do? 

The commitment is minimal. You simply collect contact information for all neighbors on your street to establish better regular communication. In the event of a crime or any suspicious behavior, you can quickly contact your neighbors via email. Neighbors should also contact you to disseminate information upon witnessing anything suspicious. The MMRA safety committee will include you in regular communications via email and block captain meetings so you can pass along helpful information to your neighbors.

Who will have my/my neighbors’ information once they provide it? 

Only the block captain of your street will have contact information for his/her neighbors.  The MMRA safety committee will have contact information for all block captains in Miracle Mile.

How do I sign up to be a block captain? 

 If you’d like to sign up, please contact Kari Garcia (Kari.Garcia@miraclemileLA.com) and Kelly Perkins (Kelly.Perkins@miraclemileLA.com)

What is private patrol? Isn’t it expensive?

Private Patrol is a service meant to supplement the efforts of the LAPD to deter crime.  Once hired, security officers drive through our neighborhood several times a day to keep watch.  Their bright yellow cars are branded “ACS Security” for example, to make their presence known.  You can call private patrol to handle suspicious activity; in an emergency; for an escort to and from your car/home; or to stop by your house while you’re on vacation. Officers are armed and able to detain suspects until LAPD can arrive on scene. Their response time is significantly faster than LAPD.

Many neighbors in Miracle Mile are already signed up for this service and can provide positive references. The more households signed up, the more daily patrols we get. The goal is to have 24/7 patrol in Miracle Mile.  The cost is $50 per month with not contract period.  Please contact Kelly Perkins (Kelly.Perkins@miraclemileLA.com) for more information.

 Now Playing on the MMRA Channel on YouTube:

Miracle Mile Neighborhood Safety Meeting

Watch the video to learn what you can do to protect yourself and your neighbors from crime. Moderated by Kari Garcia, MMRA Safety Committee, the video features a question and answer session with Senior Lead Officer Hebel Rodriguez, LAPD Wilshire Division. Eino Hill from ACS Security Services discusses the advantages of private patrols. The meeting was sponsored by the Miracle Mile Residential Association. Recorded Oct. 16, 2017 at the Westside Jewish Community Center, Los Angeles.

For more information contact:

Kari Garcia: kari.garcia@MiracleMileLA.com

Kelly Perkins: kelly.perkins@MiracleMileLA.com

For crime, safety, and policing questions in the Miracle Mile contact:

Senior Lead Officer Perry Jones, LAPD Wilshire Division

Phone: 213-793-0782 | Email: 27507@LAPD.online

Miracle Mile Crime Watch Update

from Kari Garcia and Kelly Perkins, MMRA Safety Committee

Senior Lead Officer Perry Jones, Kelly Perkins, and Kari Garcia.

More Block Captains Added to Roster

Thanks to all who joined us at the recent MMRA neighborhood safety meeting on October 16 at the Westside Jewish Community Center. It’s great to see so many motivated to keep our beautiful neighborhood safe. Since the meeting we’ve continued to see burglaries, robberies and other crimes occur in our area. Below you will find resources on securing your property, understanding a neighborhood watch program, and more. As always, please continue to reach out to us with any questions and stay tuned for more updates!

What we need from you:
Volunteer to be a block captain!  

Organizing your block is the first step in securing your street. Should suspicious behavior arise, you’ll be able to more quickly detect, deter and report crime by having contact information of those nearby.

The commitment is minimal. We are asking you to simply pass out a contact form to your neighbors. You’ll collect the information you receive and start an email/text thread that can be used for quick communication as needed. Some blocks that are organizing are also choosing to meet regularly, hold block parties, etc. – it’s a great way to meet your neighbors!

We have 14 of 51 block captains needed. Take a look at the spreadsheet below to see if your block is represented and consider helping out! Please contact Kari Garcia or Kelly Perkins if you are interested:



PRIVATE PATROL:  Many Miracle Mile residents are signing up for private patrol services; police agree that these services help deter and reduce crime quickly. Should you have a concern about suspicious behavior or in-progress crime, you can call your private patrol service and they will respond within minutes. Our goal is to have enough households signed up to achieve 24/7 patrol in Miracle Mile. Private patrol services also offer escort service to and from your vehicle and vacation watches for a very affordable monthly cost. If you are interested in learning more, please contact:

Eino Hill, ACS Security
(310) 903-8649