Planning 101

This page will feature educational materials about planning and development in the Miracle Mile and the City.


Planning 101 (PDF, 2.2MB), Los Angeles City Planning Department

To many people the process of approving or not approving a new development project is a great impenetrable mystery. However people who have gone through the process will tell you that it is a rather orderly journey with rules and requirements that must be met. Planning 101 is a really good place to begin exploring those rules and requirements so  that you can begin to participate in your neighborhoods planning projects.


If a project has been proposed for your neighborhood and you want to know more about that property – its history and zoning – the place to start is with ZIMAS on the LA City Planning website. The following example will take you through the first stage of the discovery process.

PLANNING 101_ZIMAS – Zoning Information

Once you have familiarized yourself with the basic information on the property being developed in your neighborhood you will want to take a look “behind the curtain” of the General Plan and various other plans.

All projects that require some sort of approval from the city will quote from these plans in order to justify the entitlements they are seeking.  Once you become familiar with these plans you will be able to compare the development application to the very documents they quote from and see for yourself if the application is on the mark or if it falls short.

PLANNING 101_ZIMAS – General Plan info

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