Projects in Development

The following projects have been submitted to the Planning Department of the City of Los Angeles for approval.

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Museum (at the former May Company building):

Academy of Motion Picture Museum – Initial Study Final – May 24, 2013

Academy Museum Update – Winter 2013

Academy Museum Draft Environmental Impact Report – August 2014

MMRA Comments on Academy Museum DEIR – Oct. 14,2014

Brochard & Associates Traffic Focused Review of Academy Museum DEIR

The Museum Square Office Building:

Museum Square Office Building Initial Study

Museum Square Office Building – Draft EIR (compiled Final 01-28-14)

Museum Square Office Building – App IV.I Traffic Impact Study


1 Response to Projects in Development

  1. Wesley Brown says:

    In the Hiss Tower, Dr. John Hiss’s son, also a Dr. John Hiss, and I had jazz group rehearsals in the father’s office. His son played the drum set well for most of his life and I played the saxophone with him on many engagements and rehearsals, some at his home in Santa Monica. This is just a nostalgic note, for the fun of it!

    Good Wishes,

    Wesley Brown

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