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Since 1983

MMRA Sponsors 744 S. Ridgeley Drive for Landmark Status

City Council Approves

Miracle Mile HPOZ by

Unanimous Vote!

On Tuesday, March 28, 2017, the Los Angeles City Council voted 13-0 to approve  the Miracle Mile HPOZ. The council adopted the boundaries recommended last week by the Planning and Land Use Committee [see map].

Councilmember David Ryu spoke of the importance of protecting our historic community before the vote was taken. MMRA President James O’Sullivan thanked Ryu and Councilmember Herb Wesson for their support.

A special bulletin about the Miracle Mile Historic Preservation Overlay Zone – the 35th HPOZ to be created in Los Angeles – will be issued next week with more information.

Many thanks to the hundreds of residents who contributed in so many ways to preserve our lovely neighborhood for generations to come!

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What the tenants of 744 S. Ridgeley Drive
(and everyone else in the Miracle Mile) will lose if this historic building is demolished for the sake of 
high-density development…

Tenants and property owners of rent stabilized units on the 700 block of South Genessee want their historical residences reinstated into the Miracle Mile HPOZ.

Tenants and a property owner of rent stabilized multifamily buildings on the 700 block of South Genessee want their historic residences reinstated into the Miracle Mile HPOZ.

Just the Facts, Ma’am…

(HPOZ Lies Debunked)

Lately, residents have been receiving anti-HPOZ fliers that are chockfull of misinformation – and that’s putting it politely. The MMRA welcomes different points of view, but we strive to tell the truth and present the facts. Click here to fact check the assertions made in one recent flier…

Miracle Mile Restaurant Guide Updated!


Combination of the Sontag Drug Store image, circa 1941 and a contemporary view of Wilshire Beatuy Supply.

Combination of a Sontag Drug Store image (circa 1941) and a contemporary view of Wilshire Beauty Supply. © Justin Fields

Miracle Mile Then & Now Photographs

Time travel at our Miracle Mile Historical Photo Collection


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The Miracle Mile Residential Association [MMRA] is a non-profit community organization composed of your neighbors, both homeowners and renters. We are dedicated to maintaining the quality of life in the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles through careful monitoring of development, safety, traffic and other important neighborhood concerns.

The MMRA stays current on these matters and then disseminates this information to the neighborhood residents. The MMRA is a volunteer organization. It is composed of its members, board members and officers.


Topics of interest:



James O’Sullivan, President/Masselin (james.osullivan@miraclemilela.com)

Alice S. Cassidy, Vice President/Detroit (alice.cassidy@miraclemilela.com)

Joe Steins, Treasurer and Recording Secretary/Sierra Bonita (joseph.steins@miraclemilela.com)

Ken Hixon, Vice President–Director of Communications/Genesee (kenhixon@miraclemilela.com)

MMRA Boundaries:

  • Northern: Wilshire Blvd.

  • Eastern: La Brea Ave. (Wilshire to Olympic); Meadowbrook Ave. (Olympic to San Vicente).

  • Southern: San Vicente Blvd. (Fairfax to Meadowbrook); Olympic  Blvd. (Meadowbrook to La Brea)

  • Western: Fairfax

Boundaries of the Miracle Mile Residential Association

Boundaries of the Miracle Mile Residential Association

You can also see the MMRA neighborhood area in an interactive Google Map.