September 22, 2021

This coming Saturday, September 25, thanks to the Academy Museum, our neighborhood will be surrounded by road closures that are likely to send cut-through and diverted traffic onto our residential streets.  Fairfax from Wilshire to 6th Street will be closed from 3 in the afternoon to midnight.  Many other streets and sidewalks will also be closed or have limited access.

Beside the major closing on Fairfax, the Academy will also be shutting the bus lane on westbound Wilshire from Spaulding to Fairfax, the westbound lane of 6th from Curson to Ogden, and Orange Street from Fairfax to Crescent Heights.

Our CD4 Field Deputy, Kevin Sanchez-Morales, characterized what is anticipated for Saturday’s event as “widespread traffic congestion” and said that LADOT hopes “to prevent gridlock.”

Despite a city ordinance banning the Academy from closing Fairfax, city officials, with the blessings of the City Attorney and City Planning, and the unwillingness of our city council office (Raman/CD 4) to fight for enforcement of the city’s own ordinance, has granted the Academy this extraordinary cordon sanitaire to keep 500 Academy royals from having to brush up with the common folk (that’s us!) who happen to live in or are walking or driving in the surrounding neighborhood.

They’re also closing sidewalks along Wilshire, Fairfax, and 6th — effectively throwing up every possible barrier to ensure that the gilded donors to the Academy Museum won’t have to lay eyes or in any way be inconvenienced by those of us whose wallets aren’t going to spill open to help offset the massive debt the Academy incurred while building its glossy Death Star behind the old May Company building.

Since Grove-bound traffic, and anyone else trying to get anywhere on Fairfax from afternoon until midnight, will have nowhere to go, our residential streets likely will be flooded with cut-through traffic.  The MMRA has not seen any specific traffic mitigation plan that the City and the Academy might implement to guarantee that we don’t become the doormat for the Academy’s traffic jam. The maze of our many dead end streets will become a vexing challenge to drivers thinking they can get around the closure between Wilshire and 6th.

The Academy is on record as saying this will be an annual event.  They’re also on record as saying nothing prevents them from holding other “special events” with similar street closures.  The closures, the Academy Museum’s Chief Operating Officer Brendan Connell, Jr., told Larchmont Buzz are just about safety:  If Fairfax were to be partially closed the Academy’s event would distract drivers and lead to “rubbernecking,” he said.  See Larchmont Buzz MMRA and Academy Museum Tangle Over Fundraising Gala Street Closures

To misquote Winston Churchill, “Never have so many been asked to sacrifice so much for so few.”

The bottom line: Get ready for a Carmageddon.  

Here’s what you can do:

1. The MMRA is asking our residents to snap photos and take video of the traffic if, and when, it descends upon our neighborhood.  Please forward your info to: and follow us on Instagram and tag us in your post @MiracleMileMMRA.

2. Contact the Academy’s special Traffic Hotline at (323) 930-3011 to register your complaints and concerns.

3. Contact Andrea Conant, Deputy Chief of Staff and District Director for Councilmember Nithya Raman of CD4.  She can be reached at:  (213) 500-9681


SEPTEMBER 10, 2021

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UDPATE: The California Assembly and Senate have both now approved SB 9 and SB 10 and sent it to the Governor to sign into law or to VETO.

SB 9 and SB 10 will eliminate single family housing throughout California and destroy neighborhoods such as ours.  Developers loaded with speculative money from Wall Street will start buying homes and tearing them down to build 6, 8, even 10 unit apartment buildings next door to your home.  No height limits, no setbacks, no landscaping, no updated sewers, streets, and utilities, and you won’t have the right to contest the development, thanks to a legislature bought and paid for by developers. Silicon Valley investors, and Wall Street speculators. Neither of these bills address our affordable housing crisis but both will worsen the problem.


Forward this message to your neighbors in Miracle Mile as well as anyone living in California. To stop these bills it will take an “all hands on deck” approach. Don’t miss this opportunity to voice your opinion. It truly matters. 

A special thank you to the MMRA Board and the hundreds of nearby communities, HOA’s and neighborhood associations as well as thousands of organizations in California who are working tirelessly to get the message out to neighbors regarding SB9/10. 

MMRA Responds to Neighbors Concern of Growing Encampment at South Orange/La Brea:

August 2, 2021

Miracle Mile residents voiced concern over the growing encampment located at South Orange at La Brea. The encampment is believed to have one occupant and takes up about the width of a single-family lot. There is no visible tent but rather a significant accumulation of items that are added daily.

Residents have emailed the MMRA Neighborhood Watch via our block captain system and requested assistance as there has been an increasing quality of life issue for the local residents. Issues including challenges to navigate children to school around the site, violation of the ADA rule of 36″ to pass on the sidewalk, urine, feces & cockroaches at the site have posed a safety problem. Additionally, the businesses of Perfection Wash and Fold (1101 South La Brea) and Habitat for Humanity (1071 South La Brea) have both reported that the encampment is negatively affecting their business. Perfection Cleaners has had to reduce hours to ensure employee safety resulting in a loss of business due to this and from clientele not wanting to drop off laundry with the encampment only a few feet from their business door entry. Habitat for Humanity’s store manager, Rudy Trabianino, reports issues including loss of business, fighting and arguing heard at site, evidence of drug use by occupants who visit encampment, and increased crime (although he was not able to confirm who the perpetrator was) with a break in the week before where pallets were stolen (reportedly pallets are often used for construction of a encampment site).

The MMRA has been corresponding with Council District 10 Mark Ridley Thomas’ field deputy, Mayra Guevara, who represents the southeastern portion of Miracle Mile (east of Cochran and south of Olympic) as well as LAPD Officer Anna Schube, and the neighborhood prosecuting attorney. Up to now, the current city ordinances prevent any intervention other than LAPD responding to crime in progress or a violation of the ADA sidewalk clearance.

After months of email correspondence with no reduction in issues or size of encampment, MMRA requested a meeting at the encampment site and last Thursday met with CD10 Field Deputy, Mayra Guevara, and a newly appointed Homeless Coordinator for CD10, Roger Estrada. The two businesses impacted by the encampment had an opportunity to voice their concerns. The city ordinance proposed by the City Council for management of the PEH (people experiencing homelessness) had just passed the day before and was on its way to the Mayor’s desk. More information on the ordinance can be found here and here.

According to Roger Estrada, the encampment will qualify for immediate action once the ordinance is in effect. Outreach services to offer resources and shelter for the occupant of the encampment have been requested several times by the MMRA but with spotty response or tracking of outreach attempts. This will change according to Mr. Estrada who still encourages neighbors to place requests for service at via LAHSA as a means to enter PEH into the system to get service. However, the new ordinance (effective starting September) according to Estrada, will be more efficient, have better tracking, and also allow for more outreach teams in each council district. With that said, Estrada stated this particular encampment will likely take a ‘long time’ to reduce and will not disappear ‘overnight’ as many attempts to aide the occupant in reducing his extensive encampment will need to happen before an infraction would be placed after a certain period of months of assisting the individual.

Miracle Mile Neighborhood Watch is appreciative of our neighbors who take steps to ensure the safety of their blocks and encourages all neighbors to organize their blocks, report bulky item removal at and be active participants in our Neighborhood Watch program.

For more information and resources:

CD10 Field Deputy, Mayra Guevara

CD10 Homeless Coordinator, Roger Estrada.

For more resources and how to help people experiencing homelessness check out our MMRA Resources

MMRA coordinates meeting with CD10 and local Miracle Mile businesses over encampment impacting the quality of life and safety issues for residents. Pictured here are Mark Ridely Thomas’ CD10 Field Deputy, Mayra Guevara, MMRA board members Kari Garcia and Paula Yerman, Habitat for Humanity manager, Rudy Trabanino and CD10 Homeless Coordinator, Roger Estrada

April 9, 2021

Miracle Mile Neighborhood Faces Extinction

Act Now to Save Our Community!

Click here to oppose Senate Bill 9 & Senate Bill 10

Warning:  Senate Bills 9 and 10, now making their way through the California State Senate, threaten to totally rewrite the rules for developers in our neighborhoods, giving them the carte blanche to convert every single-family home and mom-and-pop duplex in Los Angeles into two separate lots and build four new units on each lot, or worse, build a 10-unit complex where a house once stood.  Continue reading here…

April 1, 2021


Thursday, November 12, 2020:

Greg Goldin Elected President of the

Miracle Mile Residential Association

The Board of Directors of the Miracle Mile Residential Association [MMRA] has elected Greg Goldin to serve as president. Goldin will replace longtime MMRA president, James O’Sullivan, who recently retired from office.

Goldin has been a resident of the Miracle Mile for decades. For twelve years he was the Architecture Critic at Los Angeles Magazine. He is the co-author of “Never Built Los Angeles” and “Never Built New York.” He was the recipient of a coveted Getty Research Institute grant for “Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A.” in 2011.

“Greg brings an array of skills and talents to the job,” said Ken Hixon, MMRA senior vice president. “He is an experienced journalist and a strong community advocate. He will ensure that MMRA continues as one of the most effective neighborhood associations in the city.”

Goldin has a long history with the neighborhood: “My parents moved our family to the Miracle Mile in 1965, and pretty much ever since, this neighborhood has been my front yard and my back yard. I’ve combed its streets, picked over its allies, climbed the stairs of its tallest buildings, and descended into the water-logged basements of its single-family homes.  I’ve seen many beloved buildings fall to the wrecking balls, and I’ve watched as our neighborhood has endured with resilience and pride.  I love the Miracle Mile, warts and all, and I’m hoping that as the new president of the MMRA, I can continue to honor our past and act as a good steward of our future.  Most of all, I hope I can help all of us to become more active participants in shaping our neighborhood and turning our energies to a sense of common purpose and good.”

Now playing on the MMRA YouTube Channel:

Why are power outages on the rise in the Miracle Mile?
Q & A with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Click here to read more and for a link to the video.


Fix The City Files Lawsuit Challenging the
LACMA EIR on the Ogden Garage

Mid City West Community Council Adopts Motion
Opposing the Ogden Garage

Rendering of proposed Ogden garage. Click on image to enlarge.

While all eyes were on Peter Zumthor’s controversial design for a new museum spanning Wilshire Boulevard, little attention has been given to LACMA’s plan to construct a five-story parking facility on the residential block of South Ogden Drive to replace their existing surface parking lot on the southeast corner of Wilshire and Spaulding… [Click to read more]

Combination of the Sontag Drug Store image, circa 1941 and a contemporary view of Wilshire Beatuy Supply.
Combination of a Sontag Drug Store image (circa 1941) and a contemporary view of Wilshire Beauty Supply. © Justin Fields
Miracle Mile Then & Now Photographs
Time travel at our Miracle Mile Historical Photo Collection

The Miracle Mile Residential Association [MMRA] is a non-profit community organization composed of your neighbors, both homeowners, and renters. We are dedicated to maintaining the quality of life in the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles through careful monitoring of development, safety, traffic, and other important neighborhood concerns.

The MMRA stays current on these matters and then disseminates this information to the neighborhood residents. The MMRA is a volunteer organization. It is composed of its members, board members, and officers.

MMRA Boundaries: Northern: Wilshire Blvd; Eastern: La Brea Ave; Southern: San Vicente Blvd; Western: Fairfax Avenue

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Greg Goldin, President/Stanley
Joe Steins, Treasurer and Recording Secretary/Sierra Bonita
Kari Garcia, Vice President – Neighborhood Watch/Dunsmuir
Kimberly Klein, Vice President – Director of Communications/Cochran
James O’Sullivan – Ex Officio /