MAY 26, 2021

April 9, 2021

Miracle Mile Neighborhood Faces Extinction

Act Now to Save Our Community!

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Warning:  Senate Bills 9 and 10, now making their way through the California State Senate, threaten to totally rewrite the rules for developers in our neighborhoods, giving them the carte blanche to convert every single-family home and mom-and-pop duplex in Los Angeles into two separate lots and build four new units on each lot, or worse, build a 10-unit complex where a house once stood.  Continue reading here…

April 1, 2021


Thursday, November 12, 2020:

Greg Goldin Elected President of the

Miracle Mile Residential Association

The Board of Directors of the Miracle Mile Residential Association [MMRA] has elected Greg Goldin to serve as president. Goldin will replace longtime MMRA president, James O’Sullivan, who recently retired from office.

Goldin has been a resident of the Miracle Mile for decades. For twelve years he was the Architecture Critic at Los Angeles Magazine. He is the co-author of “Never Built Los Angeles” and “Never Built New York.” He was the recipient of a coveted Getty Research Institute grant for “Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A.” in 2011.

“Greg brings an array of skills and talents to the job,” said Ken Hixon, MMRA senior vice president. “He is an experienced journalist and a strong community advocate. He will ensure that MMRA continues as one of the most effective neighborhood associations in the city.”

Goldin has a long history with the neighborhood: “My parents moved our family to the Miracle Mile in 1965, and pretty much ever since, this neighborhood has been my front yard and my back yard. I’ve combed its streets, picked over its allies, climbed the stairs of its tallest buildings, and descended into the water-logged basements of its single-family homes.  I’ve seen many beloved buildings fall to the wrecking balls, and I’ve watched as our neighborhood has endured with resilience and pride.  I love the Miracle Mile, warts and all, and I’m hoping that as the new president of the MMRA, I can continue to honor our past and act as a good steward of our future.  Most of all, I hope I can help all of us to become more active participants in shaping our neighborhood and turning our energies to a sense of common purpose and good.”

Now playing on the MMRA YouTube Channel:

Why are power outages on the rise in the Miracle Mile?
Q & A with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Click here to read more and for a link to the video.


Fix The City Files Lawsuit Challenging the
LACMA EIR on the Ogden Garage

Mid City West Community Council Adopts Motion
Opposing the Ogden Garage

Rendering of proposed Ogden garage. Click on image to enlarge.

While all eyes were on Peter Zumthor’s controversial design for a new museum spanning Wilshire Boulevard, little attention has been given to LACMA’s plan to construct a five-story parking facility on the residential block of South Ogden Drive to replace their existing surface parking lot on the southeast corner of Wilshire and Spaulding… [Click to read more]

Combination of the Sontag Drug Store image, circa 1941 and a contemporary view of Wilshire Beatuy Supply.
Combination of a Sontag Drug Store image (circa 1941) and a contemporary view of Wilshire Beauty Supply. © Justin Fields
Miracle Mile Then & Now Photographs
Time travel at our Miracle Mile Historical Photo Collection

The Miracle Mile Residential Association [MMRA] is a non-profit community organization composed of your neighbors, both homeowners, and renters. We are dedicated to maintaining the quality of life in the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles through careful monitoring of development, safety, traffic, and other important neighborhood concerns.

The MMRA stays current on these matters and then disseminates this information to the neighborhood residents. The MMRA is a volunteer organization. It is composed of its members, board members, and officers.

MMRA Boundaries: Northern: Wilshire Blvd; Eastern: La Brea Ave; Southern: San Vicente Blvd; Western: Fairfax Avenue

Topics of interest:


Greg Goldin, President/Stanley
Joe Steins, Treasurer and Recording Secretary/Sierra Bonita
Ken Hixon, Senior Vice Presidents/Genesee
Mark Zecca, Vice President – HPOZ, Planning and Land Use/Dunsmuir
Kari Garcia, Vice President – Neighborhood Watch/Dunsmuir
Kimberly Klein, Vice President – Director of Communications/Cochran