May 12, 2022


Our city didn’t just become one of the most water-efficient cities in the world overnight. We pulled together, and have achieved so much … but we have further to go if we want our children and grandchildren to be able to turn on the tap with confidence.Given that 2022 is our third consecutive year of drought, we need to double down on the solutions that have made conservation a way of life in L.A.That’s why on Tuesday, I announced that the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) will move to Phase 3 of its emergency water conservation plan. So, what does this mean for you? If you’re a LADWP customer, you’ll need to cut the amount of outdoor watering days from three, down to two. LADWP is also asking customers to reduce their per-person use by seven gallons a day, which is the equivalent of reducing showering time by four minutes, or shutting the faucet off during a 2-minute tooth brushing cycle and 5-minute shaving cycle.

The watering restrictions will go into effect June 1st, after City Council approval.  

(click on here for more info on LADWP water restriction)   We’ve already made great strides — and thanks to LADWP’s generous water rebates, Los Angeles has become one of the most water-efficient cities in the country.

Take a look to see if you’re eligible: Since I took office in 2013, LADWP customers have saved over 256 billion gallons of water – enough water to fill the LA Coliseum over 900 times. And we’ve worked to reduce dependence on imported water by bypassing measures such as Measure W, L.A. County’s Safe, Clean Water Program, which provides nearly $300 million in local, dedicated annual funding for projects that increase local water supplies, improve water quality, enhance the public right of way, and protect public health. Executive Directive 5, in response to the 2014 drought, set a 20 percent reduction target by 2017 and successfully reduced potable water use from 133 to 106 gallons per capita by February 2017. Committing the City to recycle 100 percent of its wastewater for reuse by 2035 at the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant.  We all have a shared responsibility in keeping our city safe. The water choices – big and small – we make now will secure the health of future generations, and build an even stronger and more resilient Los Angeles.
For all that you do for our great city, thank you.
Eric Garcetti
Your Mayor
Under the rules:
-> Residents will be assigned two watering days a week based on their addresses — Monday and Friday for odd addresses and Thursday and Sunday for even ones
-> Watering capped at eight minutes PER STATION or 15 minutes PER STATION for sprinklers with water-conserving nozzles
-> No watering will be allowed between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. regardless of the watering days
-> Those who don’t comply with the new rules will receive a warning, followed by escalating fines for each subsequent violation


Thank you to our neighbors who attended the MMRA Annual Community meeting last week. We had a great turnout and we’re excited to connect with neighbors via zoom. We look forward to upcoming in-person community meetings but found this to be a valuable way to share with you important updates regarding our neighborhood. If you missed us, click on the video below!

Time Stamps for Annual Community Meeting:
Welcome from Greg Goldin, President 1:58
Past: History of MMRA 4:35
Membership & Raffle Prizes 10:35
Present: Current Issues In The Pipeline 12:53
Crime Stats/Neighborhood Watch/Disaster Prep 27:45
Future: Get Ready Miracle Mile 40:50
Q&A 44:18

As promised, below are the links to the resources mentioned during the meeting. 


MMRA website:

Link to previously recorded MMRA Annual Community Zoom Meeting “Past, Present & Future” March 3, 2022

Dog Park!! Provide feedback by 5:30 pm on March 16thfor the Dog Park planned for the La Brea Tar Pits by emailing and read the article by Larchmont Buzz to get all the details. Your support is needed to help complete this process started by our very own MMRA Board Member, Thao Tran. Let’s make it happen.

CD10 Community Updates

Important Numbers you should have on your phone

Miracle Mile Block Captain Roster

Your block does not have a captain? Want your block organized? Email us at

Crime Stats for Wilshire Division and Miracle Mile Basic Car Area 7A33

Want to know how to secure your property? What exactly is our Neighborhood Watch Program?
Why Miracle Mile needs a dedicated patrol car and how it will benefit you. Sign up for ADT Patrol so we can reach our goal to qualify for an 8-hour dedicated patrol car. 

How To Get Things Done In Miracle Mile (click for infographic)

Question…which council district am I in??  Click here to find out. 

How do I contact my council member or field deputy for CD5 or CD10?

      Field Deputy Jill Kline  323-866-1828 

      Field Deputy Maya Guevara   (323) 733-7514

Question…which Neighborhood Council am I in and what exactly is an NC? Click here to find out.

Are you prepared? Follow our simple infographic to start getting prepared today. We’ve done the hard work for you and organized everything you need to be prepared.Pro Tip #1: On the first day of every month, do ONE item on the list. Pro Tip #2: If you do only ONE thing, sign up for RYLAN for your block. It’s a 90-minute course for your block and will save your life.

General MMRA questions
Neighborhood Watch or Earthquake Prep

Help us help you. If you have even 30 minutes to help us, imagine what we can do together for our neighborhood!
Email us at is you are able to…..
-Hand out flyers
-Post lawn signs
-Help plan our 100th Centennial
-Wednesday Walks – email us if you are interested or would like to promote
-Miracle Mile Moms
-Architectural Tour Of Miracle Mile’s Period Revival Homes
-Design 100th Centennial t-shirt, fleece zip up and lawn sign
-Join our disaster prep team “Neighborhood Team Program” with CERT


Miracle Mile Neighbors!

Our historic Miracle Mile neighborhood turns 100 this year! Just a century ago the barley fields and orange groves just south of Wilshire Boulevard were transformed into a neighborhood filled with one-story houses and two-story apartment buildings in the fashionable Period Revival styles.  

The pandemic had initially delayed our plans for a big celebration to bring our community together and enjoy the centennial birthday of our beloved Miracle Mile neighborhood.

However, spring or summer of 2022 is right around the corner and will be a perfect time to safely come together and honor the magnificent neighborhood we call home, Miracle Mile.

It was 100 years ago A.W. Ross (whose statue is located on the island at Wilshire at Curson) purchased 18 acres of land (for $45,000!) along Wilshire between Fairfax and La Brea to develop a shopping area designed around the motor vehicle and to rival that of downtown stores in the 1920s. Fast forward 100 years and Miracle Mile has blossomed into a renowned historical neighborhood, bustling Wilshire boulevard with museum row, wonderful restaurants within walking distance from our architecturally unique and gorgeous residential neighborhood.  We are pretty certain that A.W. Ross never imagined the opening of the Academy of Motion Picture Museum or the much anticipated Metro Purple line subway running under the Wilshire corridor.  Our neighborhood is constantly changing and yet, we still are able to preserve the beauty and architecture of this historic area. 

There is so much to celebrate in Miracle Mile. Let’s continue with our milestone birthday as we have plans, and those plans include YOU! Please see below for how you can enjoy our journey back to 1921 and make our upcoming Miracle Mile Centennial Celebration a huge success. 

Here are some of the ways that you can be a part of these celebratory events:

  1. Help us plan our celebrations! We need neighbors to volunteer for everything from our Centennial Celebration (planned for Spring/Summer 2022), assist with collecting stories from long-time residents, graphic design for our lawn signs, and more! If you like to volunteer let us know and our committee will contact you to sign you up for something that fits your interests. If you are interested please email, Hana Kawano, our Miracle Mile 100th Celebration Coordinator, by clicking here!
  2. Share your personal Miracle Mile story or photos. Share your personal story or interview a family member or loved one about their experience in Miracle Mile. You can send us an email, record a video or audio recording and the length should generally be between 3-5 minutes long. Send us photos! We would enjoy seeing photos of Miracle Mile from 1921 forward! Perhaps inquire with a family member or dig through your albums. Family pics, the front of your Miracle Mile home, or a photo of Wilshire Boulevard from yesteryear would be great! Click here to email your stories.
  3. We look forward to celebrating any centenarians who have or will be turning 100 in 2021/2022! Click here to email us if you, your relative, or your Miracle Mile neighbor is turning 100 (or has recently!).
  4. Share your personal story on social media. Tag us in your Instagram posts and pics about Miracle Mile memories and be sure to visit us @MiracleMileMMRA
  5. Share your personal story in a longer-form interview. If you would like to share your Miracle Mile experiences in a session longer than five minutes, one of the centennial committee members will contact you and set up a time to do this. We’d love to record your personal history! Click here if you are interested in a longer-form interview!
  6. How old is your historic home? We are interested in homes built from 1921 to 1924 and will showcase these in some very exciting ways! If your home was built during this time, especially if you are the lucky ones to be in a 1921 home, please email us asap! Email Spoiler alert – there are four homes in Miracle Mile that were built before 1921, however, they were relocated here at later dates! One was built in 1905 and relocated here from Pasadena. More on that later – follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss out.
  7. Our newsletter is one of the largest in the area but we still need ALL neighbors to get our messages and be part of our celebration. Please forward this email to your neighbors on your block and let them know about us!


Wilshire Boulevard., circa 1932. View from the E. Clem Wilson Building at Wilshire and La Brea, looking west along Wilshire Boulevard, circa 1932. Myer Siegel Department Store occupied the two floors at the base of the Dominguez Building at 5400 Wilshire. In the distance is the Wilshire Tower, also known as Desmond’s building – so named for Desmond’s, the first department store to locate in the Miracle Mile

CAN YOU GUESS WHICH STREET THIS IS? Follow us on Instagram for the answer @MiracleMileMMRA!

Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Conservancy


April 1, 2021


Now playing on the MMRA YouTube Channel:

Why are power outages on the rise in the Miracle Mile?
Q & A with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Click here to read more and for a link to the video.

Combination of the Sontag Drug Store image, circa 1941 and a contemporary view of Wilshire Beatuy Supply.
Combination of a Sontag Drug Store image (circa 1941) and a contemporary view of Wilshire Beauty Supply. © Justin Fields
Miracle Mile Then & Now Photographs
Time travel at our Miracle Mile Historical Photo Collection

The Miracle Mile Residential Association [MMRA] is a non-profit community organization composed of your neighbors, both homeowners, and renters. We are dedicated to maintaining the quality of life in the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles through careful monitoring of development, safety, traffic, and other important neighborhood concerns.

The MMRA stays current on these matters and then disseminates this information to the neighborhood residents. The MMRA is a volunteer organization. It is composed of its members, board members, and officers.

MMRA Boundaries: Northern: Wilshire Blvd; Eastern: La Brea Ave; Southern: San Vicente Blvd; Western: Fairfax Avenue

Topics of interest:


Greg Goldin, President/Stanley
Joe Steins, Treasurer and Recording Secretary/Sierra Bonita
Kari Garcia, Vice President – Neighborhood Watch/Dunsmuir
Kimberly Klein, Vice President – Director of Communications/Cochran
James O’Sullivan – Ex Officio /