Subway Construction

Metro Delays Decision on Wilshire Closure for Cut-and-Cover Work at La Brea

From the June 2015 MMRA Newsletter:

Q & A: On the front lines of subway construction in the

Miracle Mile

An interview with Mindy Lake and Michael Cortez,

members of Metro’s Construction Relations Team

Metro Purple Line Extension
Construction Relations

If you have a complaint or issue call or contact…

24-hour telephone: 213-922-6934

Mindy Lake (west segment; Hauser Blvd. to La Cienega Blvd.):

Michael Cortez (east segment; Hauser Blvd. to Western Ave.):

Metro Purple Line Extension links:
Twitter: @purplelineext

Subway Petition Lawn Sign

Stop Nighttime, Sunday, and Holiday Subway Construction!


Printable Subway Petition

Why does the MMRA oppose nighttime construction?

Read why HERE


Wilshire:La Brea Station map (Metro)

La Brea/Wilshire subway station. Shaded areas are construction staging sites.


Wilshire Fairfax map

Fairfax/Wilshire subway station. Shaded areas are construction staging sites. Note: the station entrance was moved to the southeast corner of Wilshire and Orange Grove since this map was originally published.

Latest news:

Larchmont Chronicle [6/19/14]: Wilshire Residents Bemoan Subway Construction Noise

Larchmont Chronicle [4/1/14]: Petition ‘raises awareness’ of Metro subway issues; 100 trees slated for removal

Los Angeles Times [3/28/14]: Westside subway neighbors worried about nighttime construction noise 

Los Angeles Times [4/2/14]: Letters to the Editor; Gridlocking L.A. for better transit

Park La Brea/Beverly Press [3/25/14]: Community hopes to cut down tree plan [see Purple Line Tree Inventory Report – November 15, 2013]

New videos:

 Utility Relocation Video Screen ShotClick on image to view video.


Screenshot 2014-03-19 22.49.01

Click on image to view video.


A neighborhood organization in the Miracle Mile area is pushing back against a proposal that would allow construction on a subway project during overnight hours. Kate Larsen reports from Mid-Wilshire for the NBC4 News at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, March 19, 2014.


Los Angeles Times video: At a westside Subway Excavation, plenty of bones (and more) to pick

KABC Channel 7 News: Metro Purple Line project digs under Tar Pits – See what’s going on at the test shaft at Ogden and Wilshire and the fossils they are finding.

YouTube Videos:

Building a Subway Tunnel – A video depicting construction on the Toronto subway system which utilized many of the same construction techniques that will be used on the Purple Line Extension.

Tunnel Boring Machine in Action – A great animated video that explains how these enormous machines work.

Tunnel Excavation with Slurry Tunnel Boring Machines – Slurry faced tunneling will be employed in high methane areas of the Miracle Mile

MMRA Letters to Government Agencies:

MMRA Letter to Metro, re: Opposition to Work Hours Exemptions – July 22, 2013

MMRA Letter to the Los Angeles Police Commission – January 6, 2014

MMRA Letter to the Los Angeles Police Commission – March 3, 2014

Reply from the Los Angeles Police Commission to the MMRA March 3, 2014 letter

Metro Requests to the Los Angeles Police Commission for Work Hours Exemptions:

Metro/LAPC Fairfax application

Metro/LAPC La Brea application

Metro Subway Links:

Metro staff recommend contractor to build Purple Line Extension’s first phase

PowerPoint presentation on Metro’s proposed noise and vibration mitigations

Subway Construction Methods

Purple Line Extension Map

Purple Line Extension Fact Sheets

Purple Line Extension News Articles

Westside Subway Extension; Final Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report – Volume 4; APPENDIX I: Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Plan

Purple Line Tree Inventory Report – November 15, 2013

MMRA Newsletter Articles on Subway Construction:

May 2015 Edition: Subway Construction Update: Violent Robbery Complicates Effort to Keep Bank of America Parking Lot Open

January 2015 Edition: MMRA Meets with Metro • Seeks to Shift Nighttime Utility Relocations to Daytime Hours

August 2014 Edition: Subway Update • Neighboring HOAs Endorse MMRA Policy

July 2014 Edition: Subway Construction Update

June 2014 Edition: Subway Construction Update • Angry Residents Confront Metro Officials at Noise Mitigation Meeting

May 2014 Edition: Subway Construction Update • Petition Campaign Expands • Metro Meeting May 27th

April 2014 Edition: Subway Construction Update • Petition Campaign Expands North of Wilshire

March 2014 Edition: Petition Drive to Stop Nighttime Subway Construction Going Strong

February 2014 Edition: MMRA Launches Petition Campaign to Stop Nighttime, Sunday, and Holiday Subway Construction at the Fairfax and La Brea Stations

January 2014 Edition: Windsor Square Residents Complain About Metro Subway Construction Site; MMRA Sends Letter to Police Commission Regarding Community Opposition to Nighttime Subway Construction

October 2013 Edition: MMRA Position on Subway Construction Work Hours Supported by Mid City West Community Council

August 2013 Edition: MMRA Opposes Subway Work Hours Exemptions

Other Articles about Subway Construction: Los Angeles Scopes Mega Metro Expansion – An industry publication reviewing the technical, financial, and design-build aspects of the construction.

KCET: Exploring the Planned Course of the Metro Purple Line Extension


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