Phelps Terkel store, circa 1947

8 thoughts on “Phelps Terkel store, circa 1947

  1. My grandparents, Ralph and Eleanor McElyea, were part owners of Phelps Terkel and opened stores in Palo Alto and Menlo Park. Neil Siciliano, co-owner, and I are looking for Peter Fox, the son of Bud and Maggie Fox who were also joint owners of Phelps Terkel in the 70’s.

    1. Dear Shannon – sorry I can’t help you in your quest, but perhaps you can help me. I’ve got an 8 piece boxed knife set with PHELPS TERKEL stamped on the under-side of the knives. Do you know anything about them? I’m wondering if perhaps they were a promotional type of item. Good luck on your search! Thank-you for your time. Sincerely – Fran

    2. Many years later – I’m Susan Taylor, daughter/stepdaughter of Bud & Maggie Fox – I do know how to find Peter Fox if anyone is still looking to connect with him! Thanks, Susan

  2. I’ve got a boxed set of 8 ea. knives that are stamped “PHELPS-TERKEL”. Does anyone have information regarding these knives? I’m guessing that they may have been a promotional item. Thank-you.

  3. In 1949, my mother was working at Phelps Terkel when she was introduced to her future husband and my father (who was visiting from Phoenix for his grandmother’s funeral) on her lunch hour out in front of the store. Four months later they were married! I’ve never forgotten the name of the store wher my parents met for the first time!

  4. I have a wood suit coat hanger, with a Phelps- Terkel sticker on it. I probably got it at a garage sale. As I live in Ohio. I see the store was in Calif. very interesting to know this hanger travel ed so far. When did the store close?

  5. It was THE place to shop for menswear. We were customers for many years, so were the who’s who of Los Angeles.

  6. Phelps-Terkel was not only in LA, as they also has a store in Pasadena on South Lake, across from Bullocks. I worked there in the early 60’s. The South Lake area in Pasadena was THE place for the finer men’s stores. Some local men’s stores were Hackett’s & Bayne-Williams. Additionally, Silverwoods was a few doors away.

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