Carnation Company Building, 1978

7 thoughts on “Carnation Company Building, 1978

    1. No. I don’t think so. My Dad would take us to the Carnation restaurant and we would all get their fabulous clam chowder. It was served in a small black cauldron with a small loaf of white or wheat bread on a wooden board. I just loved that clam chowder! I wish they hadn’t closed. Or at least I wish that I could get the recipe.

  1. I loved that restaurant and wish more places like it still existed. I graduated high school in 1990 and I remember my senior year we would often go there after our school plays so it was at least open through May / June, 1990 I believe. It’s been a long time but seems like they closed down not long after this time period of my life. I remember feeling really sad because of great memories of hanging with my classmates during our senior year. (and it was a cool place too) Thankfully LA still has some cool retro places kind of like Carnations. We gotta keep them going! Part of what makes Los Angeles such a cool and iconic city.

  2. My John Burroughs Jr High School friends and I used to hang out at Carnation occasionally after school during the early 1960s. Their milk shakes and ice cream floats were great! My family lived a couple of blocks away on Longwood Avenue so Carnation was a regular pit stop. Later in life, my L.A. High School classmates and I would met there with our girlfriends to do our homework and socialize. Those were some fantastic years and Carnation was a fantastic backdrop. I saw the building as it was
    being razed toward the end of the 1970s. What a tragedy. When I pass the site today, a tear is dropped as I recollect the era fondly.

  3. Saw the great Ali there one night after boxing matches at the 1984 Olympics. He came in along with his entourage of about four or five men and three of four women. He was friendly to everyone and even signed a few autographs for the kids.

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