Carnation Company Building, 1978

4 thoughts on “Carnation Company Building, 1978

    1. No. I don’t think so. My Dad would take us to the Carnation restaurant and we would all get their fabulous clam chowder. It was served in a small black cauldron with a small loaf of white or wheat bread on a wooden board. I just loved that clam chowder! I wish they hadn’t closed. Or at least I wish that I could get the recipe.

  1. I loved that restaurant and wish more places like it still existed. I graduated high school in 1990 and I remember my senior year we would often go there after our school plays so it was at least open through May / June, 1990 I believe. It’s been a long time but seems like they closed down not long after this time period of my life. I remember feeling really sad because of great memories of hanging with my classmates during our senior year. (and it was a cool place too) Thankfully LA still has some cool retro places kind of like Carnations. We gotta keep them going! Part of what makes Los Angeles such a cool and iconic city.

  2. My John Burroughs Jr High School friends and I used to hang out at Carnation occasionally after school during the early 1960s. Their milk shakes and ice cream floats were great! My family lived a couple of blocks away on Longwood Avenue so Carnation was a regular pit stop. Later in life, my L.A. High School classmates and I would met there with our girlfriends to do our homework and socialize. Those were some fantastic years and Carnation was a fantastic backdrop. I saw the building as it was
    being razed toward the end of the 1970s. What a tragedy. When I pass the site today, a tear is dropped as I recollect the era fondly.

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