Van de Kamps Coffee Shop, circa 1969

57 thoughts on “Van de Kamps Coffee Shop, circa 1969

  1. this coffee shop brings back many fond memories of my and my dad eating here from 1951-1955 – I recall it being the best restraurant .

    1. Hi Kathleen, you are not possibly from Los Angeles originally? I was born and raised there on Venice Blvd and Hauser, a relatively short distance from Van de Kamps

      1. Born in LA
        Raised in Baldwin Hills
        Went to St John Viente High School
        At 3rd an d Detroit street.
        Saw all the new TV shows before release
        At CBS on Farfax St.
        I am sure you went to Canters Deli
        Had some Dr.Browns soda..Carol Shelby
        Mustang’s were built just off La Brea.
        He was a very nice man.Would hang out their sometimes after school.
        Farmers Market? Pup n’ Taco. ECT..
        I can go on and on.After College would hang out daily at the Polo Lounge!
        If you are from LA tell me who the bell boy was(famous),and the name of the Hotel or is in.?
        Movie Stars,ha ha Zito should write a book.

  2. Hi, I recall going to van decamps coffee shop in Wilshire and masillan in the 1950’s with my dad. It was one of the best restaurants I ever recall eating at. Everything was clean, the waitresses were impeccably dressed in their uniforms, the food was excellent, the menu was the same and the prices were low. I wish they were still around, but even if they were, I’m sure it would not be as good.
    Thanks, Warner McIntire, Sarasota, FL

  3. I & other family worked there around 69, 70, 71 & 72, would like to contact others! There was no better job or place I have known since.

    1. Hi, I never worked at Van de Kamps Wilshire Coffee Shop but my Dad and me frequented the place between 1952-1955. I recall it being one of the best restaurants in my experience. Great food and prices at that time

  4. My mother would take me there after visiting a medical specialist a couple of miles away on Wilshire. Like others here, it impressed me in its appearance, foos and service.
    They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

  5. Walked to this Van De Kamp’s restaurant once a week in 1968 and 1969 when I lived on Cochran and Wilshire. Good food and good prices. I remember a separate bakery and candy store here also. A beautiful building torn down in the 1970’s, now there is an Office Depot at this location.

    1. such a shame! While I was working in Memphis they took down American Studios that Elvis recorded in and put a Dollar Store.

      1. Hi david, If you are the one who lived on Wilshire and Cochran in 1969’s, I was born in 1937 and lived at Venice and Hauser Blvds until 1956. I recall very well the great restrauant

      2. I came after that time period, just before the 70’s and live on St Andrews Place. My sister worked at VDK from 1962 until the 70’s. Her name was Colleen.

  6. Anytime anyone wants to contact me re Van de Kamps Wilshire coffee shop, please do. especially if they recall the early to middle 50’s
    Warner McIntire

      1. Hi Gary do you have any photos, etc? I have a website on FB 70-tise Wilshere VDK that has some photos, etc.

    1. Hello, my mother worked there in the 1950’s along with Jean Howard. She told me that Judy Garland’s husband would bring Liza in sometimes, she was just a little girl.

    2. I grew up in Park La Brea
      In the 40’s thru the 60’s. Worked at Orbachs on Wilshire and went to Fairfax High. Frequented Farmers Market, Town and Country, and remember going to baseball games at Gilmore Field (Hollywod Stars or the Los Angeles Angels. Many memories still crisp in my mind. I do remember the deserts at Vandecamps; it was a classy place.

  7. For some reason, I still have a children’s menu from this Van de Kamp’s, from when my grandmother used to take me there in the 60s…my favorite meal (fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies, milk and ice cream) was 25 cents!

    1. Hi Barbara would you be interested in getting rid of the menu? I was a cook there along with my brother and nephews
      and others.

      1. Do you recall the chicken pot pie? I never ate there, but my husband was raised on it

  8. My mother was one of the waitresses back in the day. Her name was Ruth. There were two other women who worked there named Daisy and Lula.

      1. I knew Ruth Casby in 1961 work with her at Van De Kamps I was 16 she was a great friend what ever happened to her.

  9. I guess I am one of the old guys. I remember Van de Kamps Wilshire coffee shop in the 50’s. I went there with my Dad. My favorites were a cheeseburger with fries for 50 cents and enchiladas for probably 2.00. The waitresses were REAL CLASS

  10. My grandmother used to take m to the Van de Kamp’s in Glendale often in the mid day to late 50’s. They made the best French toast. Would love to know how they made it so crisp and crunchy! Delicious!

    1. well since I cooked it, I’ll tell ya. Dip in Egg Batter (Egg, milk & cinnamon) deep fried on one side, flipped & sprinkled with powered sugar.

      1. Thank you so much, David!! I seem to remember the bread was thick and crust less…was it an egg bread? Hope all is well with you and yours

  11. Im looking for a person I knew back in 1960 Named Ruth Cosby we both worked at Van De Kamps back then and were friends , its been a lot of years.

  12. I hitch hike to LA in 1960 as a high school drop out and got a job at Van de Kamps .from Boston. La was Gods Country then .The waitresses were gorgeous and the food was great.that job and the LA environrment ..was outstanding .. it was the impetus that led me to greater aaccomplishments

  13. I worked there as a waitress with a friend in the Fall of either 1968 or 69. We were 20 years old and a lot younger than the other waitresses. I remember having to enter our orders into fancy machines in the middle of the dining room. The place was huge!

  14. Late 1950s when I was a cadet at Page Military Academy on Cochran and San Vicente I got to choose the restaurant for dinner after each monthly dress parade. My choice was always Van de Kamp’s on the Miracle Mile and always ordered the chicken pot pie and jello with whipped cream for dessert. My favorite meal at the age of nine.

    1. Hi Tim, My Dad and I went to the Van de Kamps coffee shop many times on Wilshire and Massilon between 1953-1955. Most always got the cheeseburger,French Fries, or the Enchilada. It was one of the best Restaurants I have been to, Got to know several of the waitresses there by name, although I can’t recall the names now. We lived on Venice Blvd and Hauser in those days.
      Warner McIntire

      1. Im looking for a Ruth Cosby that worked at Van de Kamps coffee shop back in 1960 or 61 as a Host’s

  15. This place on Wilshire did not serve Black People back in the 1960’s.
    Too this day I refuse to buy this brand!!!
    I was with my Mother and we were turned away!
    My Mother worked in the movie biz
    And drove a new Cadillac from Lou Elders
    Cadillac also on Wilshire.
    I purchased my first Cadillac from Lou
    Elders Cadillac.

    1. It is possible you & your mom were refused entrance to the restaurant during the 60’s, however, as a teen in high school, my family & i ate there on three or four occasions between 1971-1973, and i can’t remember feeling any discrimination from the servers or management.

    2. If that’s true it certainly didn’t pertain to any of the hired help. I never saw any segregation going on.

  16. Maybe they didn’t serve Blacks in the 60’s, but by the time my family & I went there on three or four occasions between 1971-1973, there was no such rule.

  17. Somehow the windmill drew my attention: there is a film on Youtube taken by someone while driving down Wilshire Bvd in the 1950s. You can clearly notice this restaurant when the camera passes by. Here is the link but in case that doesn’t work just go to Youtube and search for it:

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