Miracle Mile Historical Photo Collection

Geller Theatre Workshop advertisement, circa 1948

Geller Theatre Workshop advertisement, circa 1948. Vaudevillian and silent film actor Ben Bard established the playhouse and acting school at 6040 Wilshire Boulevard (on the southwest corner of Wilshire and Orange Grove Drive) in 1930. Bard departed the business in 1938 to became head of new talent at 20th Century Fox. The theatre and drama school was run by the noted director Max Reinhart until 1941, when management was assumed by Jack Geller who operated as the Geller Theatre Workshop until circa 1959. The building was demolished in 1960 for the construction of Seibu Department Store (later Orbach’s, now the Petersen Museum).

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4 Responses to Geller Theatre Workshop advertisement, circa 1948

  1. Michael E. Chapman says:

    My late Dad worked as an aspiring actor at Geller Theatre Workshop from the mid 40’s to late 49- He was in sev. Eugene O’Neill plays and worked with sev. who became quite big in the acting Industry- he loved working there & had many great memories- I came across his
    Gellers Theatre Scrapbook as a young boy & his acting reviews were Quite Good! Jack Holland who was producer of sev. Geller’s Plays
    back in the Day was my parents best man at their Wedding. Ironically, I worked at the Petersen Museum some years back not realizing
    it was once the (Geller Theatre Workshop) A Place that was Very Special to my Dad.

  2. Garrett D Fricke says:

    Maybe your dad knew my parents who worked there at the same time.

  3. Michael Eugene Chapman says:

    My dad who passed in December of 06 probably knew your parents Garrett… It’s interesting you mention ‘Peterson Museum’ was the former site of the ‘Geller Theatre Workshop’ … As, I worked at the Peterson Museum on Wilshire & Fairfax when it initially opened up & had no idea ‘Geller Theatre Workshop’ use to occupy this locale. ‘Kinda Trippy for me’…. ‘Thanks for sharing that’….. Michael C.

    • Garrett D Fricke says:

      I was going thru some old pictures at Geller,there are quite a few and lots of people I don’t recognize. Maybe your dad is in one of them.
      My mom died last year.

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